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Double Surface Polishing Machine

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Double Surface Polishing Lapping Machine YH2M13B-9L

Double Surface Polishing Lapping Machine YH2M13B-9L

This equipment is mainly used for lapping and polishing both sides of the parallel surface of thin metal and hard brittle nonmetal parts, such as silicon, sapphire crystal, ceramic, optical glass, quartz crystal and other semiconductor materials.

Technical characters

Technical characteristics:
● The machine is according to four planetary gears motion principle.
● This machine adopts the way of the inner gear ring lifting. The cylinder pushes spiral cam to drive the ring gear lift when it ups and downs. It is controlled by a three manual valve device which is installed in the right side. The gear ring can be adjusted.
● Double motor driving. The main motor drives the upper lapping plate, the lower lapping plate and the inner gear ring to rotate by a series of variable speed, And the sunwheel is driven by the auxiliary motor. Both the main motor and the auxiliary motor are frequency conversion. The lower lapping plate, inner ring gear and the sun wheel rotate in the same direction, but the upper lapping plate opposite.
● The machine is equipped with safety lock cylinder, when the upper lapping rises to the up limitation, the inserting plate comes out to prevent it falling down so that ensure the operator and equipment safety.
● PLC control is flexible and reliable.
● It adopts touch screen as man-machine interface device, which displays the alarm and in real time information of machine status, it is very friendly and with large amount of information.

Application Case:
The device can be processed workpiece including silicon, sapphire crystal, ceramic, optical glass, quartz crystal and other semiconductor materials., etc.





Lapping plate sizeOD* ID*TH


Planetary wheel spec

DP=12 Z=108

 Planetary Wheel Qty


The max workpiece size

200mm              (Rectangle diagonal 200mm

The min THK


Lapping workpiece flatness


Polishing workpiece flatness


Lapping workpiece roughness


Polishing workpiece roughness






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