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Trituradora de doble superfície

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Rectificadora vertical de doble disc YHDM7758

Rectificadora vertical de doble disc YHDM7758

The machine is suitable for high-precision synchronous grinding of two parallel surfaces of flat parts in various shapes, especially those components that have stringent tolerance requirements for parallelism and flatness, like outer & inner ring of bearings, rotor & stator of oil pumps.

Personatges tècnics

Característica tècnica
● SIEMENS CNC system with stable and reliable performance, HMI friendly.
● Grinding head feeding is controlled by special ball screw unit with high precision and high rigidity, feeding accuracy is up to 0.001mm.
● Grinding wheel spindle is driven by inverter control with speed range of 150-950r/min.
● Grinding head feed with reverse clearance elimination mechanism, featuring high feeding stability.
● Feeding carrier is driven by SIEMENS servo motor, flexible for C through type, oscillating and planetary feeding methods.
● Feeding rotary table is modularized and fixed onto the lower-case foundation. Robot arm is equipped for easy replacement of abrasive wheels.
● Both upper and lower tank of the machine body adopt casting parts, boasting high rigidity, stability and excellent grinding performance.

aplicacions típiques
Bearings Inner and outer ring, inner and outer rotor of oil pump, etc.





Dimensió de les parts

Disc-shaped part : Ф12~Ф120 mm

Gruix de les parts


Mida de la mola

Ф585×Ф195×65mm (diamond /CBN wheel)

Potència del motor del cap de roda

22Kw × 2

Power of servo motor of wheelhead lifting

1.5Kw × 2

Velocitat del cap de roda

150~950 rpm

Potència d'alimentació del motor portador

0.75 Kw

Velocitat del portador d’alimentació

1~10 rpm

Planura i paral·lelisme

Max 0.003mm

Aspror superficial

Max Ra0.32μm

Pes total


Dimensions generals (L * W * H)

2800 2150 × × 2900mm