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Polidora de doble superfície

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YH2M8426A High precise vertical double surface polishing/lapping Machine

YH2M8426A High precise vertical double surface polishing/lapping Machine

It is used for polishing/lapping double surface of metal parts, such as valve plate, wearing plate, rigid seal ring, cylinder piston ring and oil pump blade, well as processing thin and hard brittle non-metal components of silicon, germanium, quartz, glass, ceramic, sapphire, gallium arsenide, ferrite, lithium niobite etc.

Personatges tècnics

Personatges tècnics:
● The movement principle of 4 planet gears.
● Ensure tray’s high run-out and stable, the weight of tray is distributed to the base plate through hollow shaft, cone bearing and three supporting legs.
● Exclusive reducer and frequency converter regulating, there is one for each ring gear, upper plate, lower plate and sun gear, and the machine starts and stops smoothly.
● Programmable, it is easy to program on interface and it can add 100 programs.
● Pressure detecting mechanism, automatically detect the pressure of work piece.
● Self-lock cylinder, when upper plate goes up to upper limit, hook will catch it for ensuring operator’s safety.
● PLC controlling, which it is flexible and reliable
● Touch screen, it is convenient to show alert information and state. Besides, the interface is friendly and the information is huge.
● Pressure detecting mechanism is optional.

The device can be processed workpiece including valve plate, valve plate, friction plate, rigid seal ring, cylinder piston ring, oil pump blades, silicon, germanium, quartz crystal, glass, ceramics, sapphire, gallium arsenide, lithium niobite,etc.





Upper and lower lapping plate size(OD*ID*THK)


Planetary wheel spec

DP=12  Z=147

n   Planetary wheel qty (n)


Max size of workpiece


Diameter or diagonal

Min thickness of workpiece


Precision of workpiece


Precision of whole plate ‘s thickness



Max Ra0.15μm       Polishing Workpiece Ra0.125μm

Lower plate speed

10-60rpm          (stepless regulating)

Upper plate speed

3-16rpm            (stepless regulating)

Sungear speed

3-30rpm           (stepless regulating)

Ring gear speed

3-30rpm            (stepless regulating)

Mida total (L * W * H)

1620 1350 × × 2650mm

pes total