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Double surface grinding machines

double surface grinding machine is something you should consider if you want to shorten your workday and ensure that you can do more tasks in less time. A wide range of materials, including ceramics, aluminum, metal, glass, and plastic, can be polished with this kind of machine.

Increase rigidity

double disc grinding machine is something you might think about if you want to boost rigidity. The machine has a number of benefits and traits. The grinding of medium- and large-sized circular works benefits from its utilization.

A double disc surface grinding machine for two surfaces of annular works is the subject of the current invention. The tool is made up of a rotating shaft (46), two grinding wheels, a work table (38), a position adjustment section (76), and a work holding section (65). (16 a, 16 b). These items are grouped in the main casting's T form.

The inner circumferential surface of the annular work is held in place by the work holding section (65). The radial sides of the rotation shaft are mounted with a number of retaining elements (66). (46).

The work (W) is positioned in the middle of the two grinding wheels. Radially outward and inward movement of the work holding parts (66) from the rotation shaft (46). This makes it possible to rotate the work around the rotating shaft.

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