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Precision CNC grinder machines for double surfaces

Precision CNC grinder machines for double surfaces are utilized in production processes for grinding, cutting, polishing, and finishing metals. There are magnetic chucks, vertical machine spindles, and grinding dressers available for purchase. Learn more about this type of machine and its advantages by reading on.

Vertical machine spindles

In surface grinding services, vertical machine spindles are less prevalent than horizontal ones. However, they do offer a variety of advantages. In the metal cutting sector, the ability to generate fine surface finishes is extremely advantageous. Additionally, these devices have limited work hours.

Attached to the face of a grinding wheel, abrasive particles are necessary for surface grinding. This allows the user to adjust the cutting depth. The wheel head of a vertical spindle surface grinding machine may be fed automatically.

These machines are adaptable to a range of uses. For instance, they are suitable for making rings and surface plates. They can also be used to form a variety of materials, including steel.

Numerous vertical spindle surface grinding machines include rotary tables. The table is guided by precise guideways. It may be inclined to accomplish hollow grinding. Mounting a magnetic chuck is another possibility.

In addition to its adaptability, this machine is also quite precise. This characteristic makes it excellent for production runs of all sizes. In addition, this type of machine is constructed from robust cast iron.

The UGM-5V Universal Grinder is a dependable machine that can handle a variety of heavy-duty applications. It has a strong spindle motor and a tool changer that is automatic.

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