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Double disc grinding machine

If you want to size your parts cheaply, you should consider purchasing a double disc grinding machine. This type of tool has grown in popularity over the last decade and is ideal for producing small, complex parts.

Workpiece preparation

Parts can pass between two counter-rotating grinding wheels on CNC double disc grinding machine. When compared to other grinding processes, double face grinding provides better surface quality and has a lower environmental impact. This machine type is also very cost effective to operate.

It is an excellent choice for machining ceramic workpieces due to its high achievable flatness, high achievable surface quality, and low environmental impact. It does not produce dust or chipping near the workplace, unlike lapping. Therefore, the safety of the work environment is ensured.

The dressing process is an important part of the workpiece preparation. A focused dressing process design should be implemented to maximize tool life. Several dressing parameters, such as rotational speed ratio nld and dresser grain size dgd, are important.

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Cost-effective thickness sizing for small parts

Metal, non-metallic materials, and spacers are ground using Double Disc Grinders. They can be used to quickly hone or finish a piece of work. There are a variety of machines available to suit your needs.

Metals such as aluminum, stainless steel, and alloy steel can be processed using disc grinders. Grinding cutting is the name given to this procedure. A grinding wheel is made up of grits that act as cutting edges. These grits are unevenly distributed on the disc wheel's surface. Grit distribution is difficult to calculate due to the variety of grit morphology. This makes calculating the angle of the grinding edge difficult.

The morphology of grits is investigated and analyzed. As a result, a three-dimensional model of the grinding cutting force of a disc wheel is established. It is determined by the grit morphology and the contact arc length between the grits and the workpiece.

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