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double disc surface grinding machine

When you are going to be installing a new wheel on a double disc grinding machine, there are some important things to keep in mind. These include:

Increase rigidity of the holding plate 102 b and the holding members 66 e

A work holding section is part of a double disc surface grinding machine. There are several holding members in the holding section (66). These are set up around the base flange 56 in a way that makes them about the same distance apart. A guide plate 68 is one of the holding parts we've already talked about. Fasteners 70 hold this guide plate, 68, to the base flange, 56. The guide plate 68 not only guides the holding member 66, but also keeps it from moving out of the guide groove 60. The positioning piece 28 is the other thing that was mentioned. A hub 26 and an inner circumferential surface 31 make up the positioning piece 28. The positioning piece 28 is the first reference plane for lining up the work piece W horizontally. The work W is held in place by a locking mechanism that is not shown. In this invention, the piece for positioning is on the same axis as the work holding jig 10. On the axis of the positioning piece, different kinds of work can be put. A dressing device is also part of the present invention. A swing arm 100 and a cylinder 102 make up the dressing device. By turning the cylinder, the dressing device can be moved forward or backward. Because of this, the dressing device makes the surface grinding machine bigger all around. Above the base flange 56, there is a guide plate 74. The outside of the work W is pressed onto the guiding plate 74 with the help of this plate. A motor that moves forward and backward is used to move the guiding plate 74 back to a certain spot.

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