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Double disc surface grinding machines

Dual disc surface devices of YUHUAN that is grinding employed in a variety that is wide of in manufacturing industries such as for example automotive, aerospace, bearing, and electronics. These surface grinding machines employ two abrasive discs that rotate in opposing instructions and impart action that is abrasive the workpiece that is placed included in this.


Types of Double Disc Grinding Machines

There are many different kinds of dual disc machines which are grinding in the marketplace, based on the applying requirements in addition to the amount of automation. Several of the kinds being popular talked about below

Horizontal Spindle Type disk that is dual machines: 

This type of machine of YUHUAN consist of two horizontal spindles driven by electric motors that rotate the discs that are abrasive. The surface grinding machine is positioned between both of these discs, and also the process this is certainly grinding spot since the discs rotate. The spindle this is certainly devices that are horizontal generally utilized for area finishing, deburring, and grinding of flat areas.

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Applications of Double Disc Grinding Machines

Double disc precision cnc surface grinding machine that are grinding used in a variety that is wide of in manufacturing industries. Some of the applications that are common talked about below:

Automotive Industry: 

Double disc devices being grinding used for grinding many different automotive components such as for instance braking system rotors, clutch plates, and flywheels. The unit are capable of attaining accuracy this is certainly precision that is high these critical components, which ensures better performance and longer life of the components.

Aerospace Industry: 

Double disc devices that are grinding used by grinding a true number of aerospace components such as for instance landing gear components, turbine blades, and motor components. 

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