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Double surface grinding machine

double surface grinding machine is a kind of machining tool that may be used for numerous tasks. It can be applied to tasks like part preparation and finishing. When it comes to metal work, this is especially true. The fact that this machine can be set up in a matter of minutes, is extremely versatile, and has a wide range of applications are some of its key advantages.

Vertical type

The current invention relates to a method of grinding for a Double surface grinding machine for metal steel. Its goals are to effectively feed the grinding wheels and achieve high pre-grinding precision. The technique may also guarantee the high level of precision of surfaces created.

A precise tool needed in the engineering sector is the surface grinder. It is a semi-automatic tool that polishes the surface of work with a rotating sharp wheel. Surface grinders come in a wide variety of designs. Some of them use hydraulic or electrical propulsion systems. Some are manually controlled.

Wheels can be made out of a variety of materials, such as silicon carbide, aluminum oxide, and cubic boron nitride. Wheel dressing features are included into some machines.

For instance, the workpiece may be held using a magnetic chuck. This has the ability to apply coolant and remove metal dust from the substance.

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Pre-grinding conditions

The precision Double surface grinding machine is the subject of the invention. Its primary features are the enhanced parallelism of the two grinding wheels and the synchronization of the top and lower grinding wheels to begin the grinding process.

The goal of the invention is to increase run-out prevention's precision. The accuracy of run-out avoidance is increased when the infeed system and simultaneous grinding operation are combined.

To do this, a work holding jig 10 holds a non-ground work W. Attached to a vertical type double disc surface grinding machine is this work holding jig. As a result, surface grinding operations are performed on the upper and lower ground surfaces of the non-ground work.

Near the detaching position A 1, there is a measurement device. The vertical deviation of the measuring probe 17 is converted into an electrical value by a differential transformer. After then, the machine advances. The controller 62 receives the measurements that are obtained.

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