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gear grinding machine for sale

YUHUAN gear grinding machine for sale represent the pinnacle of gear grinding precision technology. The purpose of these machines is to grind a workpiece to a particular size and profile. A threaded wheel facilitates the process by transferring kinematics to the workpiece. This translates to an extremely outstanding engineering feat.

There are numerous models with diverse features. The Model YUHUAN GEAR GRINDER, for instance, features a maximum of 240 teeth and a grinding length of 900mm. In addition, it contains a microprocessor capable of displaying error code numbers. In addition, a hydraulic unit that is distinct from the switch cabinet enables automatic production.

A tyre-sized wheel disc for shifting gears and a profile correction device for width crowning are further features. Overall, the YUHUAN Model ZB helps you to quickly and precisely grind your workpiece. In addition, it includes a warranty that will last the test of time and a lifetime of service.

With these features, the Model YUHUAN is an essential machine for gear production. In addition, it features a laser-induced "birthmark" that assures permanent product traceability. Asset-Trade, a global provider of industrial assets, is the place to go if you're seeking for the finest possible offer. You can discover the appropriate gear grinding machine for your needs there. Whether you need to grind a gear for a high-speed train or simply regrind a damaged gear, Asset-Trade has precisely what you need.


The feature set of YUHUAN gear grinding machine for sale is impressive. These include a table with twelve 'T' slots and a 400 mm width, a table bore, and a table-traveling tailstock. The maximum load capacity of the table is 800 pounds, and its overall working range is 2,750 millimeters. Each guideway is outfitted with hydrostatic guides.

In addition, there is a BDO CNC controller and a complete filtration system. It also includes a 45 mm wide grinding wheel with a maximum speed of 5400 rpm. In addition, it has a cooling system and an 8.3-inch axial stroke. This equipment is in great mechanical condition and may be examined at the customer's location.

This machine is perfect for regrinding precision gears, as it can be used to grind tip relief, numerous bespoke modifications, and the majority of tooth profiles. This device is available with a wheel head adapter that is sold separately. The machine can be fitted with a workpiece table that can accommodate flanged grinding wheels with a minimum module of 1.5. In addition, a CNC dressing device and a workpiece slide can be included into the machine.

The YUHUAN CNC Gear Grinding machine may be the perfect solution for you if you're seeking for a high-quality and dependable machine. This machine is in great mechanical condition and comes equipped with a comprehensive toolkit. In addition to dressing discs, it contains a complete filtration system. Depending on your demands, you can select a model with a working range between 2.5 and 50.8 inches or a model with an extended working range up to 508 inches.

All available YUHUAN gear grinding machines are in pristine condition and covered by a warranty. In addition, they are manufactured to the highest quality standards and are both flexible and durable.

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