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Gear surface grinding machine

A gear surface grinding machine is a piece of machinery used to smooth the surface of gears. It is a very useful tool that can be used for many different things. The machine can remove chips from the surface of a wheel while also polishing both the inside and outside of the wheel. A spindle that can move in an axial direction is also included.


A gear surface grinding machine comprises a table, a wheel, and a generating roll. The generating roll is rotated at a fixed speed. The table traverses the face of the wheel and grinds the teeth. When the generating roll is released, the grinding wheel is returned to the grinding position. This process is done automatically.

During the first stage of the grinding, the quality of the workpiece is better. A predetermined depth of cut can be preset. After the second stage, the quality of the workpiece becomes worse. During the final stage of the grinding, the quality of the wheel is worse.

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