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single surface lapping machine

The single surface lapping machine is a machine that can perform machining on parts with the desired part thickness and dimensional uniformity. This machine can also optimize machining efficiency and process parameters like the height of the surface lap, abrasive vehicle, and part lubrication.

Methods of achieving desired part thickness and dimensional uniformity

There are numerous methods for producing a smooth surfaced workpiece, but the methods for achieving the desired part thickness and dimensional uniformity are frequently overlooked. A high-speed vertical lapping machine can achieve the desired results. In contrast to oscillating systems, the upper platen of a rotary platen does not need to be concentrically aligned with the lower platen in order to achieve the best rake and angle. The end result is a more uniform surface than a typical flat-lapped part.

The high-speed lapping process is accomplished by coating a rotary platen with loose abrasive particles. This is not the only way to abrade, but it is the most common. It is also reasonably priced and simple to maintain. Other abrading methods are less user-friendly.

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