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Trituradora de doble superfície

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YHMM7776 Màquina rectificadora CNC de doble superfície de precisió
YHMM7776 Màquina rectificadora CNC de doble superfície de precisió

YHMM7776 Màquina rectificadora CNC de doble superfície de precisió

It is designed for high precision synchronous grinding of two parallel surfaces of flat parts in various shapes, especially those components that have large size and stringent tolerance requirements for parallelism & flatness and perpendicularity, like speical bearing, connecting rods, etc.

Personatges tècnics

Característica tècnica
● The main spindle adopts German FAG product, and controlled by Siemens828 control system.
● The Feeding of upper and lower grinding head is driven by Siemens servo motor with transmission mechanism and large diameter double-nut ball screw.
● The machine has the function of automatic dressing and grinding wheel compensation. The grinding position, dressing position, dressing value and times, compensation and other parameters can be set in the CNC system.
● The front door of the machine is automatically opened by hydraulic pressure. If the front door is not closed, the grinding wheel will not start.
● Use special dressing tools to dress the upper and lower grinding wheels at the same time. A dressing nozzle is subject to add special dressing fluid while dressing.
● Feeding mechanism and feeding carrier is modularly designed and xedon the lower frame. The loading and unloading of grinding wheel is carried out from the left side of the lower frame.

aplicacions típiques
Bearing inner and outer rings, oil pump rotors, valve plates, etc.





Workpiece Range

Ф50~ Ф500 mm

Workpiece Thickness

10~ 50mm

Wheel Head Speed

100~ 890r/min                                                            (stepless work speed regulation )

Power of Wheel Head Motor

2 × 45 kW

Power of Wheel Head Feeding Carrier Motor

2 × 2.6 kW

Power of Feeding Carrier Revolution

2.6 kW

Power of Feeding Carrier Rotation

1.5 kW

Mida de la mola


The Roughness of Workpiece


Overall Dimensions(L*W*H)

 3100×2800×3000 mm

Pes total